Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday October 29th Performance Classes

Another excitement-packed afternoon and evening filled the Richard O. Jacobson Center with spectators on Friday, October 29th. Youth Classes, Carts, Riding Classes, Unicorns, Fours and Sixes kept the exhibitors busy most of the day.  Mark Barie from East Bethany, New York judges all the hitch classes except the sixes.  Eric Geiman from Arcanum, Ohio placed the Mare Six and Gelding Six this evening.  Trippcrest Farms placed first in the Mare Six while Cape Code Percherons won the Gelding Six (for the second night in a row).  For more result click on this link:Friday October 29, 2010 Performance Classes
Barbara J. Watson-Winner of the Ladies Mare Cart

Men's Registered Gelding cart

Ames Percheron-Winner of the Gelding Four

Trippcrest Farms-Winning Mare Six

Trippcrest Farms Winning Pass

Cape Cod Percherons-Winning  Gelding Unicorn
Krista Tibor Driving

Flat Rock Draft Horses
Winning Men's Gelding Cart

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